Our Projects

1. Foundation constructionof of the power plant
• These turbines have been constructed by General Electric Company which isin charge of the instrumentations, Electrical and mechanical works
• Pipe line transportation for long distance of oil and gas or water, our group succeeded for more than 5 big projects in Iraq and GCC Country, with different sizes and types. We are using all types of pipes and vales depends on applications and end-user request
• Sewage and pumping stations our company has dedicated staff for sewage construction and maintenance pumping stations.
2. Site Clearance and general Filling: this project is included and not limited to the following activities of area clearance, remove the debris, remove the weak soil and then backfill in many layers 12
3. Construct the interior and outer roads.
4. Foundation of electric Towers
5. Foundation of fire water valve at ENI-Iraq
6. Foundation of Instrumentation and telecoms, with international Telecom Providers
7. 132 KV OHTL Tower Basra-Governate
8. Temporary Fencing for BP
9. Site preparation Work:
The Scope of this projects contents and not limited to Excavation of topsoil, Filling Type 1 (General Fill) , Filling Type 2 (Structural Fill) material obtained from borrow pits and sorted/mixed to meet specification
requirements, placed in layers not exceeding 200mm in thickness above the rough grade area for
flood alleviation purposes and compacted to achieve 95% maximum dry density.