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About Us

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A vibrant welcome to our page and into our world of energy! Allow us to introduce our company to you.

Al-Jareh Co. is an organization run and managed by professionals who meet your expectations in the logistics industry and Oil & Gas equipment supply, by insuring your satisfaction and entirely handling your projects without any complications.

We have considerable in-house resources that enable us to set up and manage electrical power stations, construction & material supply, general and oil & gas constructions, sewage & drainage management, and rentals, no matter how challenging the conditions are.

Our long history in oil & gas construction services allows us to conceptualize the optimal solution for major projects, comfortably empowering you and your team to focus on your key objectives. Lately, our focus was built on valuable oil & gas industry as waste recycling (sludge oil) for the international operators working in the south side of Iraq.

“We consider our greatest asset to be our dedicated and professional team who works tirelessly and diligently to deliver an exceptional service. We believe that communication is key and that enables us to mobilize your requests with incomparable, geographic and technical confidence.”- Hayder Naji Jareh, founder.

Hayder Naji Jareh

Founder & Chairman

Al-Jareh Establishment & Growth

Established in 2008, Al-Jareh Co. has grown steadily and is now one of the leading and fastest growing construction companies in Southern Iraq. Our Company has more than 14 years of experience as a contractor & sub -contractor. We own and operate a modern fleet of construction equipment and plant, and employ more than 177 dedicated and highly experienced employees with proven successful track record in Iraq.
Al-Jareh Co. has made its mark in the fields of electrical sub-stations, drainage management, civil and pipe line construction projects, roads and highways, oil & gas and environmental and other industrial fields.
Since the company launched its operations in 2008, Al-Jareh Co. has consistently managed to help clients achieve their goals of higher quality, lower cost and time efficiency.
Projects have covered most industrial sectors including energy and utilities, public works, defense, aviation, housing and urban development, oil, petrochemical and environmental engineering.
The company currently employs more than 54 qualified and experienced engineers.


We resolved to set standards of excellence as one of the regional market leaders in the construction industry.
Our aim is to deliver exceptional services that exceed clients’ expectations and to conduct all business operations with complete integrity and fairness.
We believe in the worth and potential of each of our employees and strive to create a healthy and safe work environment that encourages teamwork.
We are committed to the continuous improvement of our business processes to maintain a steady growth rate based on years of expertise.
Sound management, ethical conduct and commitment to achieving quality in construction & oil waste management industries is at the core value of Al-Jareh’s culture.


To exceed our client’s expectations one delivery at a time by employing the most innovative technologies to better serve our community, achieve steady growth, and benefit our stakeholders.


Become the leading management consultant in the GCC region and globally by meeting the highest standards of excellence in quality systems and technology.